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9/21/2016 11:19 pm  #1

Pat Fronzaglia's 50/50

The newsletter mentioned a fundraiser 50/50 for Pat Fronzaglia, a long-time Cursilliasta who is confined to a wheelchair.  Her van recently broke down and a group of us are raising funds to help her get a newer used van as she has no extra funds herself.  If anyone wants 50/50's you can contact me, Ellen McNerney, at 456-7430 and leave a message if we do not answer.  If you just want to make a donation, contact me also and I will make sure Pat receives it. Pat has been a very giving person who despite her confinement, does a LOT for others. Let's help her out so she is not stuck in her house this winter.  The gofundme page was taken down.  Thanks much.


6/26/2018 3:36 pm  #2

Re: Pat Fronzaglia's 50/50

Oh shit that is bad news.  I feel for you Pat.  Please get well asap.  Take it EASY when you get home.


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